Revision Flex Soft Wheel

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Our most sought-after inline hockey wheel includes our Revision Flex Tech Technology backed by our US Patent no. US7090306, which gives us THE MOST INNOVATIVE INDOOR HOCKEY WHEEL EVER. Revision Flex Wheels create both speed and edge control with our patented Platform core. Speed Control: MORE SPEED, MORE CONTROL- Edge 1 is our patented white TORUS INSERT that provides a sharper edge minimizing speed loss by reducing wheel deflection.Edge Control: MORE FLEX, MORE GRIP – Edge 2 is our patented green FLEX RING INSERT, the grip edge will flex more and provide greater grip. The Revision Flex comes in 2 different sizes, 76mm & 80mm, and comes in 3 different Durometers, Extra Soft, Soft and Firm. 


More Information
Brand Revision
Hardness 76a
Number Of Wheels 4