Blackmamba Abec 9 Bearings

16-pack high-level abec 9 bearings
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ABEC-9 bearings are even more precise and forgiving than ABEC-7 bearings in terms of workmanship and quality. The ABEC-9 grade 608 RS bearings therefore offer an additional advantage in terms of performance and durability. Benefits of ABEC-9 bearings include tighter manufacturing tolerance, greater running accuracy, longer life, and increased wear resistance. This means that ABEC-9 bearings can maintain even higher speeds, with reduced friction and greater rotational efficiency. Blackmamba bearings are made with top quality materials such as superior titanium ring and core, chrome steel balls, fiberglass reinforced nylon cages and high performance rubber seals to keep out dirt and dust to enter the bearings. 

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EAN 4260121300236
Brand Blackmamba
Material Stainless steel
Skill Level Performance