Bauer Vapor 2X Roller Skate - Senior

Looking for an elite Vapor skate with great value?

The second price-point for the new 2020 Vapor inline series is the 2X Roller Skate. Generally advised for players who are on the court 4-5 hours a week. The player wants a high-performing skate with tons of value. The new 2X skate is built with the Accel Flex system, which delivers us high-end performance and additional flex.
the first key feature we need to talk about is the same as on the 2X Pro. The all-new asymmetrical toe cap, built of 25000 scans.  Bauer adjusted the volume and improved the fit to enhance the consumer's push off on every skate stride. 
moving to the next aspect, the Recoil tongue. It's a 48-ounce felt tongue with an exposed injected metatarsal guard. This offers a lot of comfort, flex, and protection during every stride. The skate is built on an asymmetrical quarter construction, this gives the player plenty of support when going into their agility and quickness movements on the ice.
With the new Aero Foam Plus Bauer brings us more comfort, added support and better thermal forming properties. Adding the comfort edge padding on the top of the skate gives players a lot more comfort with every stride.
Now for the boot construction. The skate is built on the 3D Lasted Curv composite material, this material is extremely lightweight, thermal forming, and gives plenty of heel support.  Bauer made a big adjustment since last year, they switched back to LABEDA Wheels. On this specific top model, they chose for the ADDICTION Grip+ wheel. Designed to have maximum grip and speed on sport court surfaces.
The last feature we need to talk about is the chassis. On the 2X model, they used the CNC HI-LO aluminum system. A stronger and lighter material for better durability and speed.

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