Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goal Skate - Senior

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Looking for an elite-level Vapor fit goal skate?

The Vapor 2X Pro goal skate is designed specifically for the elite-level player who is on the ice more than 5 hours a week. The main quarter is built out of the brand new Carbon Curve composite. This makes the skate extra strong, durable and thermoformable. Also adding to the thermoformability is the new LockFit Pro liner. During a game, your foot will stay in place and stay dry for much longer. For the ankle, Bauer designed new Aerofoam memory pads. They offer great wrap and comfort while skating, standing and moving around. The new Ultra-lightweight outsole, not only eliminates general weight but also adds flexibility and moisture management. 
Last we feature we need to talk about is the LS5 goal runner. It adds edge retention and quality of glide but also sharpening life.

Sharpening included