Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Pant - Senior

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he Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Pant is the lightest elite pant to ever hit the market and weighs 20% less than the original 1X Pant. Bauer accomplished this with game-changing technologies like AeroLite 2.0 Foam, Curve Composite and HyperLite HD. 

AeroLite 2.0 Foam is exclusive and proprietary to Bauer, which replaces traditional and heavy plastic in the hip guards. This full foam construction significantly reduces weight without sacrificing an inch of protection. Just years ago, Curv composite was limited to only top-of-the-line Bauer skates. Curv now also replaces plastic in this 1X LITE's, specifically in the spine guard for premier protection and weight reduction. 

Throughout the kidney and the lower thighs, Bauer used HyperLite HD Foams that more strategically keep the pad lightweight during use. Unlike traditional open-cell foams, HyperLite repels moisture instead of absorbing it so the pad stays light all game long. 

The liner of the 1X LITE boasts key 37.5 and Sanitized Technologies for moisture and odor management. Unlike traditional moisture-wicking, 37.5 utilizes body to evaporate sweat rather than simply pushing it around. Sanitized Technology is new to the Vapor Line and it keeps the pant smelling fresh, which is possible since Sanitized prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming. 

More Information
Brand Bauer
Skill Level Elite
Fit Tapered
Division Senior