Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Elbow Pad - Junior

Looking for a top-model lightweight elbow pad?

The Vapor 1X Lite elbow pad is designed for pure performance, to enhance a player's quickness and agility on the ice. It starts with a lightweight package. The 1X Lite is the lightest elite protective gear on the market. With an elite level off protection, Bauer used Aerolite caps throughout the top line. Aerolite is a foam developed by Bauer in the R&D facility to minimize the effect of hockey specific impacts. So by removing all extra plastic on the cap, they were able to shed a lot of weight. For the elbow coverage, they used Hyperlite and Hyperlite HD foam. It creates great comfort and full protection body coverage combined with Curv Composite components on the elbow, bicep, and forearm.

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Brand Bauer