Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Hockey Stick - Junior

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Brand new Supreme top model for 2020, based on the 2019 Supreme ADV model.
The two most important features they incorporated on the ultrasonic are the ACL technology and the new SONIC taper.
ACL technology was actually invented for the Vapor ADV stick. They discovered by stacking the carbon layers in a different way, they can shed a lot of weight without compromising strength and durability. Making this the lightest Supreme stick in normal retail.
The Sonic Taper is actually shaped in a septagon. The new 7 sided geometry maximizes energy transfer in each shot and removes excess carbon fiber.
Lastly, we need to talk about the blade. The new Fastcore blade consists of an Aerofoam core to reduce weight and improve balance and control. The Fastcore works by absorbing energy from impact and releasing it back into the puck.

Only available in:
54" = 50 flex
52" = 40 flex
50" = 30 flex

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