Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick - Senior

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Brand new for 2018, Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Goalie Stick. The 2S Pro stick will feature a brand new paddle design, shaft construction and an overall lightweight build making the Supreme line of equipment better than before.

Starting from the top down, the 2S Pro shaft has been rebuilt using 12K carbon weave and a double concave geometry to make it easier for the goalie to get a smooth grip when shooting the puck, but also reinforces the shaft to help increase durability from pucks hitting in to the shaft. Moving down into the shoulder, Bauer continues their using their Control Zone with Griptac to give the goalie an unmatched grip on their stick without the need of traditional hockey tape.

The largest visual change will be the new paddle design with Ergo Spine construction. This change comes with a large impact as to how the stick will look and perform. On the back of the paddle, the paddle has been almost “flattened” showing a large spine across the back of the stick. This design essentially pushes the outer layer of material and presses it up against the front layer doubling the amount of material that would get hit with pucks. Although the design visually looks different, it is designed to increase stick stiffness and create a lighter build throughout.

In the paddle and blade, there will be an unpainted TeXtreme weave reinforced outer wrap to provide great durability and a stunning visual look. Inside the blade is Aero Foam 3 materials which are light but also react well to pushing pucks hard and away to corners.

Compared to the Supreme 2S Senior, the 2S Pro will feature higher quality materials and newer designs that will allow the stick to have better durability and a lighter build.

If you are an elite-level goalie who is looking for radical designs in stick performance, improved durability and a 10% lighter build compared to previous models, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Goalie Stick will be for you.

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Brand Bauer
Skill Level Elite
Division Senior