Bauer S23 Hyperlite2 Goal Pad - Senior

Elite-level goal pad for the flexible and agile goaltender. The new Hyperlite2 is coming in at just 2kg.
Only available in senior size.

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  • Hybrid calf support system: Inspired by the Double-Bracket MACH, the single-Bracket Hybrid System provides increased stability in the butterfly while allowing for more flexibility than its Supreme counterpart.
  • Stabili-grip Knee landing: Coated material on the surface of the stabiliflex Knee Block helps keep the knee centered and connected to the block.
  • Tune Fit strap system: New adjustable lower calf strap allows for customizable fit on the outer or inner calf wrap.
More Information
Brand Bauer
Material SL1D3R skin for lightweight, slideability and fast rebounds
Skill Level Elite
Division Senior
Knee Construction STABILIFLEX Knee Block to limit over-rotation with some flexibility
Core/Insert REBOUND BOOST CORE (Soft) + THIN geometry for full leg connection + CURV Stiff Thigh
Toe Centered Elastic Toe System
Calf Plate Hybrid Calf Support System- single calf bracket for stable mobility
Boot Flex FREE-FLEX 110 Degree Boot (Soft for Flexible Feel)
Strapping Tune Fit Strap System featuring new lower calf strap for leg connectivity