Bauer S21 Supreme GS CAMO Shoulder pad - Junior

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Brand new for the 2021 hockey season are the Bauer Supreme GS Shoulder Pads from Bauer Hockey. Designed with upgraded key features and revisions, these anatomical shoulder pads are looking to improve upon the already great supreme shoulder pad line.

Starting off with the front of the GS Shoulder Pads, the floating sternum will provide a full coverage anatomically molded vest that will help to better fit your body while helping to protect against blocked shots and collisions. The Sternum is made out of the all new ADAPTIVE Skin material and will provide extra protection and comfort to this important area.

Around the back of the Supreme GS shoulder pads, is a full coverage molded vest with extended rib wrap protection to help offer increased protection in this sensitive area without sacrificing good fit and comfort. The spine will contain molded HD foams that will provide additional protection for this key area.

On the shoulders you will find the new AMP shoulder cap. This will offer high level protection from collisions and impacts. For the bicep, there is an adjustable bicep guard with PE inserts that will allow the player to find the best fit for their own arm. Internally, you will find Bauer’s ThermoMax sub liner that will keep the player cool while wearing these shoulder pads. Capping off this shoulder pad is a sleek gold chrome accent layer with a Sci Fi Green Camo base which gives the GS line a Supreme pop of color.

If you are a competitive-level hockey player looking for premium protection in a comfortable pair of shoulder pads, look no further than the Bauer Supreme GS Shoulder Pads.

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Brand Bauer
Skill Level Performance
Division Junior