Bauer Puck Square curb - Ice Tiles

Complete your BAUER Synthetic Ice Tile rink with edging to keep your puck or ball where you want it. Add raised bumper edges to practice passing, receiving passes, rebounds, and one-timers


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Key Features:

Raised Bumper – Holds a foam or rubber rebounder perfect for practicing passing and one-timers while keeping your puck on the playing surface.
Custom Configuration – With an easy clip system that snaps seamlessly into the BAUER Synthetic Ice Tiles, you can personalize your rink for any drill or exercise.


The Bauer Synthetic Ice Tiles for indoor and outdoor use.
Carefully align the dovetail pattern of one tile at the time.
Simply use the patented interlocking edges to connect (disassemble) the tiles, snap into place.
Before undertaking intense training, it is important to become familiar with the perception of a synthetic surface.
Make sure that your skate are always well sharpened. We recommend between 5/8’’ and 3/4’’ hollow for better performance.

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EAN 0688698617269
Color Grey
Brand Bauer
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