Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Hockey Stick - Intermediate

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The most versatile stick ever made.

The 2N Pro is the obvious successor to the wildly popular 1N, but with a lot of improvements.
The Shaft is made out of the patented Textreme Carbon Fiber, it's the lightest carbon fiber used in any stick + it's more durable. The DuraFlex resin system is implemented on the interior of the stick to make it even more durable. The added sweet-spot-technology gives you even more accuracy and options for your shot. 
The R-Lite blade is based on the 1X lite blade, only now they added a reinforced layer between the core of the blade the outer carbon fiber. This gives us a better puck feel and keeps the durability at the top level. The R-lite blade is the most used blade in the NHL right now.

Like every Nexus stick, the 2N Pro has a mid-kick point. Designed to be the most versatile. Ultimate accuracy!!

Available in standard size: 57"

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Brand Bauer